What Kuai offers

Race Director - Event design, development & management - International promotion, PR & media coverage - Marketing & sales support - Technical event solutions - Business facilitation - Sports intelligence & active experience

At Kuai Sports Promotions, we offer sports technical expertise and the entire range of event management consultancy services from A to Z. These include the role of Race Director for your event, experienced race course designers, online and offline promotional campaigns, website building, advertisements, media & networking plans and tailor-made technical event solutions such as time-keeping services and arena set-up. 


In addition, we connect dots and bring people together to enlarge their networks and facilitate their respective businesses. 


We believe in merit and specialisation to ensure the best possible results for all parties, and therefore focus especially on the following sports disciplines:


  • Cycling

  • Mountainbiking (MTB)

  • Running (incl. trail running & hiking)

  • Duathlon

  • Triathlon

  • Open water swimming

  • Boxing

  • Tennis

The Kuai Sports network also covers other sports disciplines and we are always ready to guide and help out. Have a look at our current projects.